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Property Management like you have never seen before!

Alekson Property Management and Maintenance Professionals
A Full-Service Property Management Company


Everything Included Means:

  • NO LEASE-UP FEES | APMPros NEVER charge lease-up fees.
  • CONSISTENCY | Property Manager/Assistant Property Manager Guarantee.
  • QUALIFIED APPLICANTS | APMPros screens all Applicants through a third-party professional screening service.
  • QUALITY TENANT PLACEMENT | APMPros Quality Tenant Guarantee.
  • NO VENDOR PRICE MARKUP | APMPros DOES NOT markup vendor invoices.
  • LATE FEES | 100% of collected Late Payment Fees are transferred to the Property Owner.
  • DOCUMENT ACCESS | Password-protected, real-time 24/7/365 access to the APMPros Cloud Data Storage System for documents and other property-related information.
  • GUIDANCE | Guidance is provided by a well-seasoned, Professional Property Management Team.
  • TRANSPARENCY PRICING | 20% discount on APMPros Standardized Transparency Pricing.

Compare For Yourself:

APMPros – Everything Included Pricing

Single family homes and Condos:

One Time Fee | Property Processing: $300 (can be waived)
One Time Fee | On Boarding: $300

Monthly Management Fee:

  • $99 per month (one year)
  • $89 per month (two year)
  • $79 per month (three year)

Multiple units (over 4 doors):

One Time Fee | Property Processing: $150 per unit / door (can be waived)
One Time Fee | On Boarding: $75.00 per unit / door

Monthly Management Fee:

  • $79 per month per unit / door

HOA’s :

One Time Fee | Property Processing: $300 (can be waived)
One Time Fee | On Boarding: $25 to $75 per unit

Monthly Management Fee:

  • $15 to $20 per unit, per month (minimum $300.00)

APMPros One Time Lease Up / You Manage:

  • One Time Fee – $900.00
  • Includes Property Processing, On Boarding, Marketing, Applicant Screenings, Lease signing, Deposit and 1st month rent collection and an Owner – Tenant introduction.

    CALL NOW – 206-899-6160
    I do not care what time it is – If we do not pick up and take your call, I will give you $25.00 off your On Boarding Fee, if we do not return you call with in 30 mins, I will give you an additional $25.00 off of your On Boarding Fee.

    I started APMPros because I realized my property management company did not want to take my calls, just collect my money. They did not want to do the work, they just forced vendors to markup invoices, so they could receive kickbacks. When I call My Property Manager, I want to talk to My Property Manager- not their voicemail! After calling several times and not getting a call back, I decided to venture out on my own and change the way Property Management was run and I did!!