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APMPros Technology Advantages

APMPros provides Property Owners with efficient, cost effective Property Management Services. APMPros invested the effort, time, and money necessary to develop and assemble the technologies needed for the APMPros Everything Included Full-Service Property Management Program.

  • More effective rental property marketing to fill vacancies faster. APMPros adoption of AppFolio Integrated Property Management Systems, permits APMPros to immediately begin advertising property availability online with dozens of websites.
  • Mobility. The built-in mobility of the APMPros website permits Applicants to use their smartphones to start the Application and Approval Process.
  • Rental Rates reflecting Local Neighborhood Markets fill vacancies faster. APMPros integrated Rental Rate Comparison Tools permit the comparison of actual, achieved Rental Rates within a specific Neighborhood. This constantly updated, robust set of tools ensures Property Owners achieve the highest possible Rental Rate in any given Neighborhood. Market Rental Rate Pricing means APMPros fills vacancies faster.
  • In-depth Screening to capture the Best Qualified Tenants. Seamless, non-threatening, third party online Applicant Screening includes standard background and credit checks, past Rent Payment history and a Criminal Background check. Applicant Screening is completed online in minutes, enabling APMPros to quickly capture Highly Qualified Tenants.
  • Property Owners are Paid Faster and More Securely. Online Rent collection along with direct bank deposit means Property Owners receive their Rent Payments much faster than through conventional payment methods.
  • APMPros collects Rent Payments faster with online payment options and direct bank deposit. The APMPros website is fully integrated for online Payments. Further, Tenants can make direct deposits at any APMPros designated bank.
  • APMPros Encrypted Cloud Data Storage with On-Demand Access. 24/7/365 access to Encrypted Cloud Data Storage with password-protection through the Property Owners Portal at the APMPros Website.
  • APMPros handles Property Maintenance issues faster. APMPros uses electronic work orders and confirmed email communication to quickly resolve repair and maintenance issues. Copies of all work orders are posted to the Property Owners Portal ensuring Property Owners have access to real-time data when it is needed.