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Exclusive Management

*** Everything Included ***
Full-Service Property Management

APMPros has developed a Full-Service Property Management Program Where Everything is Included! This Exclusive Program was designed with Property Owners and their real estate investments in mind.

Everything Included Means:

  • NO LEASE-UP FEES | APMPros NEVER charge lease-up fees.
  • CONSISTENCY | Property Manager/Assistant Property Manager Guarantee.
  • QUALIFIED APPLICANTS | APMPros screens all Applicants through a third-party professional screening service.
  • QUALITY TENANT PLACEMENT | APMPros Quality Tenant Guarantee.
  • NO VENDOR PRICE MARKUP | APMPros DOES NOT markup vendor invoices.
  • LATE FEES | 100% of collected Late Payment Fees are transferred to the Property Owner.
  • DOCUMENT ACCESS | Password-protected, real-time 24/7/365 access to the APMPros Cloud Data Storage System for documents and other property-related information.
  • GUIDANCE | Guidance is provided by a well-seasoned, Professional Property Management Team.
  • TRANSPARENCY PRICING | 20% discount on APMPros Standardized Transparency Pricing.

Everything Included Management:

  • A Comprehensive Property Inspection and Assessment including photos and a video record.
  • A Punch List of needed and recommended Repairs/Maintenance/Upgrades.
  • A Market Evaluation to determine a Competitive Monthly Rental Rate.
  • Online Advertising on more than 2-dozen Real Estate websites within 48-Hours including Hot Pads, Zillow, CraigsList, APMPros, and Others
  • APMPros Yard Sign/Window Sign
  • Property Tours, Showings, and Open Houses
  • Collection of Rent, Security Deposits, and other Fees.
  • Lease negotiations and online document signing
  • Comprehensive Move-in and Move-out Inspections including a photo record.
  • Electronic and Direct Deposit Rent Collection.
  • Monthly Accounting Reports and Year-End Accounting Summary.
  • Collected Rents are Electronically Transferred or Direct Deposit to Property Owners.
  • Maintenance Alerts by telephone/text and/or email
  • Work Order Inspection Report ensuring work has been completed before the Property Owner pays the bill.
  • 20% Discount on all APMPros Standardized Pricing.
  • Annual and Lease Renewal Inspections including a photo record.
  • No Charge for Posting of Notices to Tenants.
  • 100% of collected Late Fees are transferred to the Property Owners. APMPros DOES NOT keep any portion of collected Late Fees.
  • As needed, APMPros works directly with a Property Owner’s attorneys in Eviction Proceedings.
  • APMPros provides Project Oversight for all Property Repairs, Maintenance, and Upgrades.
  • Weekly updates on Vacant Property, Repairs, Maintenance, and Upgrade Projects.
  • SELLING REAL ESTATE |When selling rental property, an APMPros real estate agent will list the property for sale online and place a yard sign at the APMPros Client listing commission rate of 1.5%. (50% savings).
  • BUYING REAL ESTATE | When buying rental property, an APMPros real estate agent will work with a Buyer to identify and secure property at the APMPros Client buying commission rate of 1.5%. (50% saving).

APMPros Management Fees:

** Fee Collected after Lease is signed or 1st month’s rent is collected**

  • Per Month: $100 + Property Processing & Data Conversion and Upload Fee (PP&D)
  • Prepay for One Year Services: $1,080 + PP&D Fee
  • Prepaid for Two Years Serves: $2,160 (APMPros waives 50% PP&D Fee)

APMPros Management Fees for Multi-Family Rental Properties and HOA Condominium Properties is determined on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions or need additional information about the APMPros Everything Included Property Management Plan can be obtained by email at or by calling APMPros at (206) 899-6160