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Maintenance Calls and Repairs

maintenance calls and repair

Maintenance and Repair

Most property managers do not have in-house maintenance and repair personnel (R&M), therefore they contract out R&M on the properties they manage.  In many cases, they will markup invoices as much as 75% before passing it on to the Property Owner, or they will ask for a KICK BACK from the vendor in exchange for giving the vendor the job or work in the future.

APMPros has an in-house maintenance and remodeling department that can handle just about anything a Property Owner may need.  The best part is that APMPros provides an estimate and receive written confirmation to proceed before starting any project or maintenance work that may be needed.

If a maintenance issue does arise, Tenants are instructed to call their property manager or assistant property manager on the APMPros  24/7/365 direct line, this is an employee of APMPros that knows the property- not an afterhours call center. Having an on-call employee that can respond immediately to the situation at hand allows APMPros to get a jump on issues before they become a costly problem.  APMPros encourages Tenants to call at the 1st sign of a problem and giving them a direct line to an APMPros employee they know, is like calling a friend to help out. Property Owners can be confident our proactive approach will save them money. The APMPros have a 24/7/365 direct line.

Maintenance request and approval process

  1. APMPros encourages Tenants to call at the first sign of a maintenance issue using our APMPros 24/7/365 direct line to get ahold of their PM or Ast. PM. Tenants can also use their Tenant portal on the APMPros website to report a maintenance issue.
  2. APMPros will immediately contact the Property Owner about the needed maintenance and ask the Property Owner “Do you or someone you know want to take care of this issue or would you like APMPros to take care of it for you?”.
  3. If the Property Owner or his maintenance person and their crew are going to address the matter, just let APMPros know and we will coordinate with the Tenant to insure it is addressed quickly.
  4. If the Property Owner would prefer APMPros handle the matter, APMPros will provide a scope-of-work summary and an estimate. If additional R&M issues are discovered as the work proceeds, APMPros will stop work and notify the Property Owner accordingly and give an estimate (if possible) and move forward after getting authorization to proceed.

Included in the APMPros Flat Fee Property Management Program.


R&M Repair and maintenance

KICK BACK A “kickback” is a term used to refer to a misappropriation of funds that enriches a person of power or influence who uses the power or influence to make a different individual, organization, or company richer. Often, kickbacks result from a corrupt bidding scheme. … Some also consider kickbacks to be a type of bribery. APMPros does not accept kick backs of any kind and pass the cost of vendor invoices through to the owner with no markups, unlike other management companies.

In-house maintenance.   maintenance department within the company that handles small to medium jobs- this is paid directly to the management company, not an outside contractor.

APMPros online transparent pricing APMPros puts the cost of repairs of most common maintenance issues online. So, it is upfront and customers know what to expect. Our pricing is extremely reasonable for property maintenance for properties managed by APMPros.

24/7/365 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year

Direct line the term direct line refers to a relationship of one person to another in a direct line. You and your tenant have a direct line to your management team 24 hours a day they are always working for you and your tenant.

on-call employee An APMPros Employees who works on-call are expected to be available at any time of day or night, with little to no notice, to carry out their working duties.

Maintenance the process of maintaining or preserving someone or something, or the state of being maintained. Work that is needed to keep the rental property in good condition

get a jump to get an advantage over other people by doing something before they do: The company is trying to get a jump on their competitors with APMPros 24/7/365 on call employee hotline

Immediately at once; instantly. “I called the Property Manager at 1am immediately after seeing the water leak and John E picked up and said he was on his way!

scope-of-work is a general, and sometimes detailed term referring to a general description of the work that is expected to be performed under a particular contract