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*** Everything Included ***

Full-Service Property Management

APMPros has developed a Full-Service Property Management Program Where Everything is Included! This Exclusive Program was designed with Property Owners and their real estate investments in mind.

Single Family
Homes and Condos:

  • $800 – One-Time Account Setup

Monthly Management Fee:

  • $80 per month

Add A Property

Add a Unit or Door

  • $500 – One-Time Property Setup

Monthly Management Fee:

  • $80 per month, per unit or door

HOA Management:

  • $300 – One-Time Account Setup
  • $25 to $35 – Per Unit Account Setup

Monthly Management Fee:

  • $15 to $20 per month, per unit (minimum $300)


Everything Included Means:

  • NO LEASE-UP FEES | APMPros NEVER charges lease-up fees.
  • TRANSPARENCY PRICING | Transparent Pricing.
  • LATE FEES | 100% of Late Payment Fees paid to the Property Owner.
  • QUALIFIED APPLICANTS | APMPros screens all Applicants.
  • QUALITY TENANT PLACEMENT | Quality Tenant Guarantee.
  • APPLICANT SCREENING | Credit, Rental History, Criminal Background (if available).
Everything you get with APMPros
Flat Fee Program
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Everything Included Management:


  • A Market Evaluation to determine a Competitive Monthly Rental Rate.
  • Online Advertising on more than 2-dozen Real Estate websites within 48-Hours including Hot Pads, Zillow, CraigsList, APMPros, and Others
  • APMPros Yard Sign/Window Sign
  • Property Tours, Showings, and Open Houses

Pricing & Accounting

  • 20% Discount on all APMPros Standardized Pricing.
  • 100% of collected Late Fees are transferred to the Property Owners. APMPros DOES NOT keep any portion of collected Late Fees.
  • No Charge for Posting of Notices to Tenants.
  • Monthly Accounting Reports and Year-End Accounting Summary.
  • Collected Rents are Electronically Transferred or Direct Deposit to Property Owners.
  • Electronic and Direct Deposit Rent Collection.

  • A Comprehensive Property Inspection and Assessment including photos and a video record.
  • Annual and Lease Renewal Inspections including a photo record.
  • A Punch List of needed and recommended Repairs/Maintenance/Upgrades.
  • Maintenance Alerts by telephone/text and/or email
  • Work Order Inspection Report ensuring work has been completed before the Property Owner pays the bill.
  • APMPros provides Project Oversight for all Property Repairs, Maintenance, and Upgrades.
  • Weekly updates on Vacant Property, Repairs, Maintenance, and Upgrade Projects.

Tenant Care

  • Collection of Rent, Security Deposits, and other Fees.
  • Lease negotiations and online document signing
  • Comprehensive Move-in and Move-out Inspections including a photo record.
  • As needed, APMPros works directly with a Property Owner’s attorneys in Eviction Proceedings.

SELLING REAL ESTATE | When selling rental property, an APMPros real estate agent will list the property for sale online and place a yard sign at the APMPros Client listing commission rate of 1%. (50% savings).

BUYING REAL ESTATE | When buying rental property, an APMPros real estate agent will work with a Buyer to identify and secure property at the APMPros Client buying commission rate of 1%. (50% saving).


If you have any questions or need additional information about the APMPros Everything Included Property Management Plan, email or call APMPros at (206) 899-6160