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Move-In/Move-Out Information

The Move-In Process & Utilties


TENANTS: Upon receiving a copy of the signed lease, tenants are required to transfer utilities into their own name on or before Move-In. All utility requirements are the same, EXCEPT Water/Sewer Services.

OWNERS: Property Owners MUSTcall their Utilities and notify them of the change in tenancy and that they have hired a Property Management Company.

This is very important and if not done, the Utility will not release information and many times will not switch the utilities into the Tenant’s name. APMPros spends a great deal of time working with utilities as we try to clear up past due bills because Property Owners did not take the time to provide the Utility with this important information.

The Water Utility will not transfer the service into the name of a tenant:
In many cases, the Water Utility will only add the Tenant’s name to the Property Owner’s utility account and send a copy of the bill to the Tenant for payment. If a tenant move-in date falls in the middle of a utility billing cycle, the Property Owner pays the utility bill, so the Tenant can be added to the Account. APMPros then bills the Tenant for the Tenant’s share of the utility bill. Thereafter the Tenant receives a copy of the bill along with the Property Owner. If the Property Owner does not pay the bill, the Utility will not add the Tenant to the Account. The result of a Property Owner not taking this matter seriously can be the utility being shut-off and reflected on the Property Owners’ credit rating.

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The most important thing that any Property Owner can do is to call their Utility Suppliers to let them know there is a change in tenancy and that they have a property manager. APMPros encourages Property Owners to write down who they spoke with at the Utility Supplier and note their contact information on the APMPros Property Intake form. This is very helpful when splitting utility bills.

Move-In/Move-Out Report

APMPros does a thorough Move-In Inspection of your rental property (including photos) before the Tenant takes possession. Upon Move-In, a Tenant has 5-days to complete their Move-in inspection form and advise APMPros if any repair or maintenance is required.

After a Tenant vacates a property, APMPros does a thorough Move-Out Inspection including photos. The Move-Out report includes a cost estimate for any repairs or maintenance that may be required. If repairs and maintenance is beyond normal wear and tear, the Property Owner is notified and asked if they or someone they know would like to take care of the needed maintenance or if they would like APMPros to take care of it on their behalf. Once the Property Owner informs APMPros of what is or is not needed. APMPros will start the Security Deposit refund process with a copy of the Move-Out Inspection Report being sent to the Tenant within 14 days of the Move-Out date together with a check for the Security Deposit refund. It is the goal of Property Owners that, if possible, Tenants receive a full refund of its Security Deposit, however, that is not always the case.

Other property management companies may charge a fee of up to $150.00 for each inspection services and or report.

Move-In/Move-Out Reports are included with the APMPros Flat Fee Property Management Program!


Move-In: The term “Move-in” means that a Tenant takes possession of a residential of commercial property.

Utilities: The term “Utilities” means the essential utilities including gas, water and electricity. Additional utility bills may include cable, Internet and telephone services.

Water Utility: The term “Water Utility” is the public utility suppling water to your rental property.

Intake form: The term “Intake form” means the onboarding form APMPros requires Property Owners to complete so general information can be assembled regarding their property.

Move-In Inspection: The term “Move-In Inspection” means the inspection form tenants are required to complete within 5-days following their Move-In date

Move-Out Inspection: The term “Move-Out Inspection” means the inspection completed by APMPros following the date the Tenant vacates the property. The APMPros Report is compared to the information on file through the Move-in Inspection and is used to determine the amount of the Security Deposit that will be refunded to the Tenant.

Maintenance: The term “Maintenance” means the process of repairing and maintaining a property so that it presents itself to the market in the best light possible.

Security Deposit: The term “Security Deposit” means the deposit a Tenant pays to APMPros (held in trust) to ensure that rent and other Tenant obligations under the lease are performed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Lease.