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Move Out Inspection and Deposit Refund

Move out inspection and Deposit refund

Deposit – The deposit is for the house or property. Look at it as the property’s money. If the money does not go back to the tenant, there needs to be a receipt for the work done. It is there to help with repairs, damage and cleaning of the property, if needed.

It is in the best interest of the Owner and the Tenant that the Tenant get their full Deposit back, if possible. Owners need to understand the DEPOSIT is not theirs to spend. It is 100% for damages and cleaning that are outside of what most would consider “normal” wear and tear.

APMPros recommends deposits be affordable and in line with the rent value of the property.

The simple and easiest way to do this is make the Security Deposit the same as the rent.

New RCW states deposit can be broken up into 6 payments on a 12-month lease and up to 4 payments on a 6-month lease. This is to help the move-in be more affordable to all.

Must Do items after every rental vacates – Carpets need to be professionally steam clean with soap and stain remover and the door locks must be changed. The Tenant can have the carpets cleaned at their expense and it will not come out of the deposit.  If the house in is the same condition of the time of move-in at time of move out, the deposit must go back to the tenant. Owners cannot charge for normal wear and tear.

Move out inspection – and deposit refund – In the past tenants have gotten loud, threatening and physical during the move out inspection. It is for this reason ,APMPros only does move out inspections after the tenant has moved out, this is for the safety of our employees. The move out report must be completed and in the mail with a deposit refund check, if applicable, within 14 days of move out.

APMPros will do the move out inspection within 5 days of move out and have the report in the mail within 14 days. APMpros will do the move out walk thru and take photos, compare them to the intake photos and inform you, the owner, of any needed repairs. The deposit money is for repairs, if there is money left over after needed repairs caused by damage from the tenant, it should be sent to the tenant.

If damage repairs cost more than the deposit, there is no refund and we will pursue in court and / or collections for the reimbursement for the loss.


Deposit – Money held in trust for damages to a property

Steam clean – cleaning the carpet with steam over 150 degrees

Deposit refund – The money owed back to the tenant

Move out report – The move out report outlines any damage and itemizes the repairs if needed