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Notices and Evictions

Late Rent / Eviction

What if rent is late or APMPros does not receive it?

  1. A very common problem is that Tenants make direct deposits into the APMPros Rent Trust Account, however, they forget to put their names on the deposit slip and therefore, we are unable to determine to which property a particular deposit belongs. As the 5th of the month approaches, we call slow-paying Tenants asking for a copy of the deposit slip.  If they have not paid, we advise the Tenant that if not paid, a 3-day notice will be issued. Tenants will generally give us a payment plan or details of when they will be able to pay rent and late fee.
  2. We contact the Property Owner and ask them how they would like us to proceed.
  3. We post the 3-day pay or vacate notice. This notice is the start of the eviction process.
  4. Next is the 10-day notice and begin discussions with an attorney to start the eviction and posting of notices.
  5. We have never had an eviction or had to hire an attorney to evict a Tenant. Good Third-party screening is where good tenants begin.

All accounting service are included in the APMPros Flat Fee Property Management Program.


direct deposits transfer of a payment directly into the account of the payer to the recipient’s account – tenants pay directly into the APMPros deposit only account – if you chose and have a local bank branch APMPros will deposit your rent roll check directly into your bank account

monthly accounting statement the monthly close is the processing of transactions, journal entries and financial statements at the end of each month. … Often the comparison of the balance sheet amounts to those of earlier months will provide insight as to unusual amounts shown on the income statement.

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prorated Proration means dividing something proportionally, usually based on a unit of time. For example, if a service costs $200 a month but you only used it for half a month, the charge would be $100.

notice to comply commonly called a 10 day notice is a notice to the tenant to comply with some requirement of the rental agreement or rules and regulations. … Once given, the tenant has 10 full days with which to comply

I Care Department Owner and tenants direct line to the accounting department if they should have any question about their account

HOMESTREET BANK HomeStreet Bank is a community bank offering personal banking, and business banking – this is the bank of APMPros

Deposit only accounts A deposit account is an account, current account or any other type of bank account that allows money to be deposited by any one and withdrawn only by the account holder.

due an obligatory payment; a fee.

Rent Collection The act of gathering and holding Tenant payment for housing and or space.

3-day notice     In order to win in court against an eviction for non-payment of rent, the tenant must be able to establish that they do not owe the rent the landlord is trying to collect. A 3-day pay or vacate notice does not mean that you have to vacate the premises within three days.

10-day notice A 10-day notice is a notice to the tenant to comply with some requirement of the rental agreement or rules and regulations. … Once given, the tenant has 10 full days with which to comply, so any violations in that 10-day period can’t be used to trigger the violation.

Third party screening Third-party certification means that an independent organization has reviewed the manufacturing process of a product and has independently determined that the final product complies with specific standards for safety, quality or performance.

Included part of a whole being considered. It is all included.