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Property Owner FAQ

  • How long does it take APMPros to fill a vacancy?

    Generally, it takes 7-10 days to find a qualified applicant to fill a vacancy.

  • Are Fees charged when APMPros performs Property Inspections?

    APMPros does not charge for Property Inspections. As needed, APMPros conduct Annual and Lease Renewal Inspections, Move-In and Move-Out Inspections and Repair and Maintenance Inspections as needed. Inspection reports can be obtained through the Property Owner Portal on the APMPros website.

  • What property types does APMPros manage?

    APMPros specializes in the management of single family and multi-family homes In addition, APMPros has a commercial rental and vacation homes department.

  • How can I obtain a sample of the APMPros Residential Lease Agreement?

    A sample copy of the APMPros Standard Residential Lease is available by written request from APMPros.

  • What is the APMPros Policy regarding the collection of Late Rent and Eviction Proceedings?

    Rent is due on the 1st day of each month and is late if not paid in full on the 1st day of the month. There is a five (5) day grace period to account for offset paydays and/or statutory holidays. If Rent has not been received by 9:00 AM on the 6th day of a month, late fees will be incurred and written notice will be posted on the front door of the Residence and sent to the Tenant through USPS. With Property Owner approval, APMPros will post a “Three-Day Pay or Vacate Notice” advising the Tenant that the Eviction Process has started. Following the Three-Day Notice, APMPros notifies the Property Owner by phone and e-mail to discuss options. APMPros will make recommendations and assist where possible. If a Tenant does not pay late fees they are sent to collection.

  • What portion of Late Payment Fees does APMPros keep?

    APMPros does not retain any portion of collected Late Payment Fees. 100% of collected Late Payment Fees are paid to the Landlord.

  • Does APMPros require Tenants to carry Renters Insurance?

    All Tenants are required to carry Renters Insurance.

  • What Guarantees are provided by APMPros?

    Click here to review APMPros Guarantees.

  • How does APMPros Market Rent-Ready Properties?

    APMPros lists Rent-Ready Properties, with full description and photos/ video on more than two dozen websites within 48-hours of being up loaded to the APMPros Data Base. Open Houses, yard sign, window sign (if needed) and other marketing strategies including a 24/7 online showing schedule.

  • How does APMPros process and coordinate Repairs and Maintenance?

    The APMPros Website has a 24/7/365 Tenant Portal where Tenants can post Maintenance Requests. In addition, each Tenant is given a 24/7 direct line to their property manager. When there is needed maintenance, APMPros will advise a Property Owner accordingly by phone, text, and/or email. Once the work is completed, the Tenant is asked to fill out a Maintenance Work Order Completion Form and email to APMPros.

  • How does the APMPros Screen Prospective Tenants?

    APMPros standard screening process is conducted by an independent third-party. Such screening includes credit and criminal background checks, past and current employment, prior residency verification, and an in person or phone interview. Upon an Application being received by APMPros, the Property Owner will be notified accordingly. Owner Written Approval is needed to move forward with any Applicant. Once approved to move forward, APMPros will begin negotiating and preparing Lease Documentation for signature. For APMPros Screening Procedures and Tenant Application, please click: here.

  • What forms of Rental Payments are accepted by APMPros?

    Rent and all other payments due can be made online by using the Tenant Portal or by Direct Deposit at any APMPros designated bank.

  • When does a Property Owner receive Rent Payments?

    In most cases, before the 15th day of the month.

  • How does APMPros handle Emergency Maintenance?

    APMPros has a 24/7/365 telephone number available for Property Owners and Tenants to contact their APMPros Property Manager for any reason. Once the Property Manager has been notified of the emergency, the Property Owner will be contacted immediately (by phone / text / email) and advised of the situation. The APMPros Representative will advise the Property Owner accordingly. If the Representative is unable to reach the Property Owner, APMPros will take appropriate action.

  • If a Property Owner decides to sell a Property, does the Property Owner have to list the Property with an APMPros affiliate?

    Property Owners do not have to list their Property with APMPros, however, if a Property Owner does list a Property with an APMPros affiliate, the Property Listing Commission will be limited to only 1.5% of the final selling price.

  • Can a Property Owner make prior arrangements to have APMPros pay Property Bills?

    APMPros is here to serve its Property Owners and will accommodate Property Owner needs accordingly.

  • What does APMPros charge for Property Management Services, and finding a qualified new tenant?

    To find out more about the benefits and cost click HERE and start today!

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