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Renter’s Most Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a Fixed-Term Lease and a Month-to-Month Tenancy?

    Under a Fixed-Term Lease, a Tenant’s occupancy of the Residence starts on a specific date and ends on a specific date and are generally 12-months in duration.

    Under a Month-to-Month Tenancy, a Tenant has occupancy of a Residence until either the Tenant or the Landlord gives 20-days written notice, one to the other.

  • When does a Lease Term begin and end? Is the Rent prorated if the Lease Start-Date is other than the first day of the month?

    Most Residential Leases are Fixed-Term and start on the 1st day of the month and end on the last day of the month. When Lease Agreements take effect mid-month, Rent for the first month is prorated from the Move-In Date to the final day of the first month. Full Rent is due and payable on the 1st day of the following month and every month thereafter throughout the Lease Term.

  • Following the Start Date of a Lease or a Month-to-Month Tenancy, does APMPros provide receipts for Rent and other Payments?

    Following the Start Date of a Lease or Month-to-Month Tenancy, all Payments must be made online using the Tenant Portal at the APMPros website or by Direct Deposit to an APMPros designated Account at any HomeStreet Bank branch in Western Washington. These Payment Methods automatically provide receipts for every payment made to APMPros.

  • How does APMPros process Maintenance Requests?

    The APMPros Website has a Tenant Portal where Tenants can post Maintenance Requests. In addition, Tenants have 24/7 access to an APMPros Property Manger by voice mail and/or text.

  • Whom should a Tenant contact in an emergency?

    If there is a life-threatening situation or a law violation, immediately call 911. In the event of such an incident, the Tenant must advise APMPros by phone and/or email.

  • How often do APMPros Representatives enter the Residence for inspections?

    APMPros Representatives conduct annual and lease renewal inspections and inspections regarding maintenance and/or repair matters as needed. Whenever there is need for an inspection or access to a Residence, Tenants are provided with written notice of the date and time when such inspections or maintenance and/or repairs will be carried out.

  • Does APMPros accept Section 8 or other Housing Assistance Vouchers?

    APMPros encourages Landlords to take advantage of all Housing Assistance Programs. Applicants must meet the Qualifications set forth at the following link: (insert link to application here). APMPros and its Landlords comply with all Fair Housing Laws.

  • Can a business be run from an APMPros managed Residence?

    All APMPros managed Residences are to be used only for residential purposes.

  • When do Rent Payments become late and subject to Late Fees?

    Rent is due on the 1st day of each month and is late if not paid in full on the 1st day of the month. To account for bank holidays, a five (5) day grace period is observed. However, if APMPros does not receive Rent by 9:00 AM on the 6th day of a month, Late Fees will be incurred and written notice demanding payment will be posted on the front door of a Residence and sent to the

    Tenant through USPS at a cost to the Tenant of $25.00 for each such notice. Additional Late Fees are incurred as follows: a $50.00 charge on the 6th day and a $10.00 charge per day, starting on the 7th day, until Rent is paid in full. Late Fees are subject to change without notice and may vary from Landlord to Landlord.

  • Can Tenants paint interior walls and ceilings?

    Some Landlords permit Tenants to paint the Residence interior. however, any such painting must be approved in writing by APMPros before any painting is carried out be a Tenant.

  • Can a Satellite Dish be installed on a Residence?

    Some Landlords permit Tenants to install satellite dishes, however, any such installation must be approved in writing by APMPros before dish installation.

  • Are pets permitted in an APMPros managed Residence?

    Many Landlords permit pets in the Residence, however, there are restrictions on the size and breed permitted in the Residence. A copy of the animal restrictions applicable to each APMPros managed Residence is available by written request delivered to APMPros. If a pet is approved by Landlord, there is a Pet Deposit payable before the pet can be moved into the Residence and in many cases, a monthly Pet Rent will be charged.

  • How can a APMPros managed Residence be viewed?

    An APMPros Representative is always available by appointment to show a Residence. In addition, the APMBoxTM is available for Self-Showing at each available APMPros managed Residence between the hours of 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily (Summer Hours)

  • How much is the Security Deposit?

    APMPros manages a wide variety of Residences and other properties. Security Deposit requirements differ from Residence to Residence. For
    Residential budgeting purposes, Security Deposits are typically in the range of approximately $1.50 per square foot of Residence floor area.

  • Which Financial Institution holds Security Deposits?

    Security Deposits are held in a separate trust account at HomeStreet Bank, Seattle, Washington.

  • Does APMPros require Tenants to carry Renters Insurance?

    All Tenants are required to carry Renters Insurance. A copy of the Renters Insurance Policy requirements applicable to each APMPros managed Residence is available by written request delivered to APMPros. For budgeting purposes, the premium payable for most Renters Insurance Policies is approximately $17.00 per month.

  • Is a detailed inspection of the Residence conducted prior to the Move-In Date?

    APMPros conducts a thorough inspection of the Residence prior to the Move-In Date and that Inspection Report is made part of the Lease. Prior to the Move-In Date, Tenants are provided with a self-inspection form that must be completed, signed, and emailed to APMPros along with support photos within five (5) business days following the Move-In Date. The APMPros Report and the Tenant Report are compared and any issues are addressed by APMPros accordingly.

  • Is there a charge to replace keys?

    Unfortunately, it takes time and costs money to make keys. During the weekday hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, there is a $50.00 charge per replacement key. Outside such weekday hours and on weekends, if APMPros can accommodate, there is a $100 charge per replacement key. If APMPros is unable to accommodate a Tenant, the Tenant is responsible for hiring a locksmith and providing APMPros with a copy of the new Residence key.

  • Is a Tenant responsible for transferring Utilities to Tenant’s name?

    In most cases, it is the responsibility of Tenants to transfer Utility Accounts into their name. APMPros provides Tenants with utility transfer forms as part of the APMPros Move-In Package.

  • Is a fee charged when Tenant is late paying a Utility Bill?

    Utility Bills are issued in name of Tenant and if payments are late, the Utility Company will charge late fees to the Tenant. If the Utility Bill (including late charges) is not paid in full by a date chosen by the Utility Company, Utilities will be shut off by the Utility Company and the Tenant is responsible to pay all shut off and reconnection fees charged by the Utility Company.

  • How do I become an APMPros Tenant?

    To become a Tenant in an APMPros managed Property, the following steps are required:
    -Complete an APMPros Application
    -Pay a $25.00 fee to Process the Application which includes a Background Check, Rental History and Credit Report conducted by a third-party firm;
    -Depending on the outcome of the Background Check, Rental History and Credit Report, a Guarantor/Co-Signer may be required;
    -Written Approval of the Application by Landlord;
    -Pay 1st Month’s Rent;
    -Pay a Security Deposit and other Fees;
    -Sign a Lease; and
    -Provide a Certificate of Insurance confirming Renters Insurance for the full Lease Term.

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