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Taking calls and emails regarding your rental property

APMPros believes nothing is more important than answering a call / text or e-mail, if you do not take the call, you lose the opportunity to show or rent a property. You also miss the opportunity to update an owner or tenant that has a question or an emergency!

It for this reason, all Owners and Tenants have a direct line to their property manager or assistant property manager. That is correct, you will have a 24/7 direct line to talk to your PM that knows you, your tenant and your property- NOT an answering service that has to take a message and hopefully get back to you the next day.

APMPros will take all calls that are related to your property’s listing, screen the calls, and answer any question about your vacant property, when it is vacant, and return all calls and emails immediately.

Tenants have a direct line to their Property Manger 24/7 so if there is ever an emergency, they can inform APMPros right away and we can let you know and start to help.

You, the Owner have a direct line to your property manager or assistant property manager so if you should have any questions, they can be answered quickly.

Everyone involved with your property has a direct line to your APMPros representative to ensure questions get answered quickly and not in days or weeks.


Direct line – A number that you can call or text to reach your PM quickly (APMPros Bat phone)

24/7 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Answering service – A company that answers incoming phone call after hours