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Application Criteria


Before you begin, please gather the information you will need to complete the Application including personal contact information, previous addresses, housemates (if any), current monthly income, past and current employers and other relevant information.

Each person 18-years of age or older (including spouses) residing in an APMPros managed Residence must (i) complete a separate Application; and (ii) pay a $25.00 Application Screening Fee.

APMPros wants your Application approved as quickly as possible, however, screening does take time and we appreciate your patience while an Independent Screening Service (unrelated to APMPros) confirms the information you provide.

Landlords make the final decision to approve or deny an Applicant. APMPros cannot, under any circumstances, override a Landlord decision.


Application Process:

  • Each Applicant must (i) complete a Application available at the APMPros website; and (ii) pay a $25.00 Screening Service Fee. Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The $25.00 Screening Service Fee must be paid before a Application can be processed.

Screening and Approval Process:

  • The Screening Service will confirm information you provide.
  • If necessary, your employer and previous landlords will be contacted.
  • If there are questions regarding your Application, APMPros will contact you for clarification or additional information
  • Upon receipt of the Screening Report, the Report will be reviewed by APMPros and if the Report meets the Landlord’s rental criteria, the Application and Report will be emailed to the Landlord for consideration.
  • After a Landlord decision, APMPros will advise you accordingly.
  • If the Landlord approves your Application, you will have 24-hours to pay the Security Deposit and associated Fees.
  • All payments to APMPros must be paid online or by Direct Deposit. If the Landlord approves your Application, you will be provided with APMPros banking information.
  • APMPros does not ‘hold’ properties without full payment of the Security Deposit and associated Fees.
  • After receipt of all required payments, APMPros will email a Lease to you and the Landlord for E-Signature.

APMPros continues to market all Residences until they are confirmed rented by receipt of all Deposits and a fully signed copy of a Lease.

Our goal is to have all Applications processed within 3 business days of their receipt. However, we cannot guarantee the process will not be delayed because of (i) third party delays in providing and/or confirming information; and/or (ii) Landlord’s review of your Application.

Move-In Process:

  • Upon receipt of a fully signed copy of a Lease, APMPros will confirm your Move-In Date.
  • The day of or the day before the Move-In Date, you are required to make payment of the (1st) month’s Rent through the Tenant Portal at the APMPros website or by Direct Deposit.
  • Keys to the Residence will be released to you with APMPros’ receipt of the first month’s Rent, all Lease Deposits and a fully signed copy of the Lease.
  • Prior to you moving any furniture and/or belongings into your new home, you are required, within five (5) days following your Move-In Date, to complete a Move-In Inspection Form and email the completed Form to APMPros with photos.


After you complete and submit an Application and the Screening Process has been completed, the possible results are as follows:

   1. Your Application is approved by APMPros and accepted by Landlord with a request for payment of the necessary Security Deposit and associated Fees.

   2. Your Application is approved by APMPros and accepted by Landlord with a request for (i) payment of a Security Deposit equal to 2 month’s Rent; or
(ii) a Security Deposit equal to 1 month’s Rent and that an acceptable Co-Signer be added to the Lease.

   3. Application may be declined for any number of reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Open Bankruptcy.
    • A Broken Lease in the past or an eviction (judicial or otherwise).
    • Poor Rent Payment History.
    • An outstanding balance owed to a previous landlord.

   4. The Independent Screening Service automatically completes a Criminal Background Check. Criminal Conviction, including but not limited to the following, may result in denial of your Application:

    • Felony Conviction within the past seven (7) years.
    • Crimes against Women and/or Children.
    • Outstanding Warrants.
    • Damage to Property exceeding an aggregate of $500.

   5. To complete an Application you will be required to provide one or more of the following forms of identification:

    • Valid State Photo ID.
    • Valid Social Security Card.
    • Current and Valid Visa.
    • Current and Valid Passport.
    • Valid Temporary Resident Card.

   6. APMPros will verify your employment. In the event, you are in the process of changing jobs, previous employment will be verified and you will be required to provide a copy of an employment contract or written job offer from your new employer.

Income Requirements:

  • A minimum gross monthly income-to-rent ratio of 3:1.
  • Total combined gross monthly income must be at least 3-times the total gross monthly Rent (for example: $1000 gross monthly rent x 3 = $3,000 minimum gross monthly income).
  • Gross monthly income must be verified by your employer including a pay stub, written verification on employer letterhead, a letter of benefit assignment or income tax statements.
  • Valid income types include, but are not limited to: Wages, Salaries, Tips, Social Security Benefits, Retirement, Pension and/or Savings Accounts, Stocks, Bonds, Child Support and/or Alimony Payments, Unemployment Benefits or Public Assistance.

Applicants Not Meeting Gross Monthly Income Requirements May Qualify with a Co-Signer:

  • Co-Signer gross monthly income must be equal to or exceed 3 to 5 times your share of the Rent. Your Co-Signer will be required to provide (i) proof of gross monthly income by providing copies of his/her/their last two pay stubs; or (ii) proof of at least 2 times your share of the Rent times the length of the Lease Term in the form of savings, money market, mutual funds, or other financial instruments.
  • If Self Employed, consistent Income must be verifiable.
  • Gross monthly income must meet the required income-to-rent ratio.
  • Copies of three months of bank statements may be submitted as proof of income.
  • Personal income tax returns for the previous two years may be used to verify income.

Credit History will be weighed in conjunction with all other Qualification Criteria including, but not limited to:

  • Bankruptcy Proceedings.
  • Overall Credit History.
  • Number of Negative Accounts excluding Medical Accounts and Student Loans.

Landlord reserves the right to approve or deny an Application based solely on a history of delinquent credit activity excluding Medical Expenses, Student Loans and Foreclosures.

If for any reason your Application is not accepted, you will receive, within 7 to 10 days, a refund of any Security Deposit or other Fee Payments made to APMPros. You will not be refunded any portion of the Application Screening Fee.

Application Screening Fee: $25.00 Per person over 18-years of age.